She blinked her eyes and her whole life flipped. The doctor came in and told her, ” You have breast cancer. ” Her walls came crashing down. I’m only 33. I’m engaged and raising 6 kids. I just had a baby girl 6 months ago.  This can’t happen to us, to me.

This is where Stephanie’s Methven life changed in May 2019. Our friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. After multiple tests the cancer has called for aggressive action. She is still in the beginning steps of receiving a series of 8 chemo infusions over 16 weeks. We are hoping this combat and kills any cancer cells in her body, as well as, reduces the size of her tumors. Each cycle leaves her bedridden, drained and with symptoms such as neuropathy and diminished brain and body functions that may never go away. The next phase will be a double mastectomy (which will be a difficult, painful and long recovery mentally and physically), six weeks of everyday radiation that will leave her physically exhausted along with other symptoms this brings along, followed by reconstruction surgery. This process will happen most, if not all, of next year.

Stephanie has a long and rough road to go, but she has been so strong mentally and emotionally. ” I am determined to get through this to watch my children grow up and be here with them through their lives”, Stephanie told
me.  She said, “I will not be defeated by this cancer.” Although she is trying to stay positive during this time, this battle comes at the price of Stephanie not being able to work, forcing her family to stretch their finances.

Due to unforeseen expenses between treatments, surgeries and becoming a one income family, we want nothing more than to help ease her stress by giving her financial peace of mind. Please join all of us and Thomas Richards Charity in contributing to this rewarding cause, 100% goes to Stephanie and her family.  We are grateful and humbled by any and all donations.

Thomas Richards Charity is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, and exempt organization “helping those in need in our community” as described in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Tim Ciotti
President TRC
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