Help us raise funds for Bethany Douglas daughter’s service dog-

Written by Bethany Douglas

Our 11-year old daughter suffered a horrific infection earlier this October which led to permanent organ damage and her right leg being amputated above the knee. She was so very sick and we lost her multiple times, but God is so good and she’s on the mend! Truly miracles still happen and our God is still in the miracle-making business! We are grateful to have her back but her road to recovery, therapies, prosthetics, and finding her new normal will take many months. This tenacious girl has a fighting spirit like no other child we’ve ever met and she is such a blessing to our family- we and all our amazing friends and family are committed to walk every step of the way back to health with her.

She is dealing with so many new, bewildering, and painful circumstances that our family thinks a dog will do wonders for her. Being super medically complex (even prior to this incident) having that extra doggy-sense for fevers, infections, and seizures will be an invaluable help to us. Plus the help with balance and coordination while still helping her be independent is so needed. When I told her the other day, still in the PICU, that we would be getting her a dog, her eyes grew wide and that crooked smile that she’s known for lit up her whole face. She’s apparently been telling all her staff that she’s getting a dog!

As many of you know, these dogs are highly trained and invaluable to their companions- but that comes at no small cost ($15,000 plus general care expenses – studies estimate between $25,000-35,000 for the life of the dog!) Unfortunately neither Medicaid nor any private insurance will help pay for any of their cost.  we need a down-payment of at least $7500 (the rest is due upon completion of the training). The entire training program will run 8-12 months so getting this off the ground asap will help.

The family has raised $3000.00 so far and Thomas Richards Charity will donate the remaining $4000.00 if our community can help us raise the other $8000.00.  This is the time of year to help others in need and to take advantage of those end of the year tax exempt donations. 100% off you donation goes to the purchase of this service dog.  TRC pays the Gofundme fee’s.

Thomas Richards Charity is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, and exempt organization “helping those in need in our community” as described in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Tim Ciotti
President TRC
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