On Thursday, December 21, 2018 we aided Deerfield Elementary’s S.A.I.L.S program. This program teaches Moderately Cognitively Impaired children (MoCI) for kids grade K-5; the curriculum includes teaching basic life skills like preparing meals. As a group, they incorporate these life skills with school subjects like Social Studies; for example, to learn culture, a traditional meal from each of 50 States is selected and prepared. The kids decide on the ingredients and the teacher, Megan, gets the groceries by using her own money out of pocket. What Megan and teachers alike at Deerfield Elementary are doing to benefit these students is phenomenal, and we wanted to support the hard work and dedication to serving and educating the S.A.I.L.S program. We achieved this with support from Noodles and Co. in Troy off Rochester Road; they supported the program by donating 50% of all proceeds directly to the S.A.I.L.S program.
The night was a success and Deerfield Elementary’s S.A.I.L.S program was heavily supported. Thank you to all that came out; thank you for helping us help them.