2015’s Golf Outing put on by the Matt Mascato Charity was in support of helping Izzy to be pain free and to fund her surgery. The Golf Outing was held at Sylvan Glen Golf Course and Camp Ticonderoga on July 31, 2015.Because of your generous donations and support, Izzy’s surgery was able to occur. Thomas Richards Charity thanks you for your continued support. Please continue to read to see more about Izzy’s story, condition, and results. 

Izzy’s problem’s all started with a 6-week battle with bronchitis and sinus infections in November of 2012. When Izzy, then 12 years old, finally began to feel better, she was left with a constant headache.  

She saw multiple specialists, at University of Michigan Hospital, Beaumont Hospital, and Michigan Head and Neurological Institute. She went through endless tests – MRI’s, MRA’s, MRV’s, EEG’s, heart tests, constant blood work, nerve blocks in her temples, forehead, and back of her head, and even tried Botox injections. She has tried spinal taps, which always ended with a painful blood patch to try to help the additional spinal headache that would follow the initial spinal tap. All in hopes that it would break her constant headache. She tried what seemed like hundreds of medications with no results to end the head pain. She was even hospitalized to try more invasive prescription treatments, spending her 15th birthday there, all to leave without any answers. Doctors, who were said to be the “best in the world”, always repeating that Izzy was a complicated case, a mystery.

For these three and a half years Izzy’s parents were paying up to $1400.00 a month for insurance alone. Dr. Amerlak in Texas, after reviewing all of Izzy’s medical history, believed that he could help Izzy. Izzy flew to Texas in February of 2015 and had two appointments with Dr. Amerlak. One performing specialized nerve blocks that left Izzy with no pain in her temples for the first time in three years! (This “pain free” period lasted for three hours; the longest it would be expected to last was four.) Two days later, at the second appointment, he then performed specialized deep Botox injections to her face, neck, and head.

The next step was to have nerve decompression surgery that would hopefully allow Izzy, then 16 years old, to have a headache free day. The surgery was not covered by insurance.

Izzy’s strength and perseverance through this has been remarkable. In spite of the constant head pain she has been able to remain an A/B student and is determined to hopefully attend Michigan State University one day to become a neuropsychologist. She has goals, she has plans, and with this surgery it will continue to help her achieve them.

The surgery was a success and with a long recovery process Izzy ended up being free of her chronic headache. Izzy is now a normal girl studying at Oakland University and working in the medical field. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make Izzy’s life normal again.