The Matt Moscato Charity Golf Outing 2010: Liam J. Perk Memorial Playground

Perk Family Golf Outing - 2010Thomas Richards helped build a memorial playground in May 2010 in the name of Liam J. Perk in Cape Coral, FL. Liam was Joey and Carrie’s loving son who tragically passed away. In memory and in the name of Liam, his parents wanted to give back to other children and establish a playground in Cape Coral, FL. Liam J. Perk Memorial Playground now stands and has been used by 1000’s of kids today. Thank you to Carrie and Joey for being such an inspiration and wanting to continue to help others.

Thomas Richards also helped Joey Perk start a non-profit company to teach dog responsibility to kids and parents. This is just another example of pure inspiration from the Perk family.

The Matt Moscato Charity Golf Outing of 2010 was also dedicated helping build Liam’s memorial park. It was held at Sylvan Glen Golf Course in Troy, MI; thank you to all those that came out and showed support to honor Liam and the Perk family. Pictures of the outing can be found at the link below.

Thank you to everyone who helped fund Liam’s playground after it was established. Check out Joey’s non-profit organization below.

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It all started with the first golf outing.

matt moscato

In 2008, Tim Ciotti decided to have a golf outing with a few friends at Sylvan Golf Course in honor of our friend Matt Moscato.  To honor Matt we wanted to give back to the community or those in need. We did this by dedicating the outing to a woman in need in order to raise money to pay rent. After the outing Tim said to imagine what great things we could do if we got organized. With Tim’s dedication and passion to help others, the Thomas Richards Charity was started one year later in 2009.

We’d like to thank the supporters of the first annual Matt Moscato Golf Outing and those who helped establish our wonderful charity:

Keith Vergel De Dios, Butch Terry, Eric Weeks, Don Sherrod, Mike Moscato, Jim Moscato, Adam Slavik, Marty Lynch, Mark Stadler, Jeff Brundage, Jason Buynak, Matt Eberle, Brent Ciotti, Tim Ciotti, Erika Brockberg, Chip Robinson, Tim Stickradt, Shawn Rhodes, and Joel Pritchard.

Thank you all for being wonderful human beings and making a huge impact on this world and being a leader in our society.