Thomas Richards held a fundraiser at CJ Mahoney’s in Rochester, MI in November 2011 to support the K9 Police Fund, who trains canines in order to enter the police force. This fundraiser was also in support of the Disabled Veterans of America, in which financial, emotional, and medical bill support is given to veterans diagnosed with a medical disability in which hinders them in doing normal activities their daily lives.

The fundraiser was a success with many supporters that came out; we raised a total of $1200. Thank you to everyone that made this a great event.  We were able to provide $600 for The K9 Police Fund and $600 for the Disabled Veterans of America. Thank you for helping us help them.

Also, as always, CJ Mahoney’s was a great partner with all the items they purchased and everything they gave us to make this event a success. Thank You.

Unknown-2K-9 Police Fun