Deerfield Elementary S.A.I.L.S

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17097746_10155078108121489_8289585425980032240_oThomas Richards Charity had the honor of helping out Megan Stockman’s MoCI (Moderately Cognitive Impaired) classroom called S.A.I.L.S at Deerfield Elementary. This class includes children K-5 who are taught (in addition to education), daily living skills.

Each week they are taught the skill of basic cooking. They “travel” around the United States and learn about each state through a weekly PowerPoint and Map activity. After that they cook a traditional recipe from that state at a level in which the vast of the K-5 group can achieve together. The money, sadly, is no longer available for this weekly curriculum. Megan refused to abandoned this cooking program as it makes these students feel so successful. She started paying for the ingredients her self before she was put in contact with TRC.

Thomas Richards Charity was excited to help out our “Community” and donated a Kroger gift card that will cover the groceries for the remainder of the school year. 

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  1. Laura Pauwels says:

    Thank you so much Thomas Richards Charity for making this donation to the S.A.I.L.S class at Deerfield Elementary! My daughter is in this class and loves cooking with Miss Stockman and her classmates! In addition to the fun of cooking, it also helps her tremendously with basic skills like manual dexterity, language and social skills – all things she struggles with on a very fundamental level. So again, thank you so much for keeping this vitally important class part of the S.A.I.L.S curriculum!

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