The Auction Process

How does bidding work?

Simple Bidding

In this bidding option the bid placed is the current bid.


– “Snap Dragon” has a starting bid of $150.

– John places a bid of $175, which is now the current bid.

– Mary places a bid of $190, which becomes the new current bid.

– Bidding continues in this fashion till the auction ends.

– The highest bid at the end is winner.

-Bids must be in a minimum of $5 increments.  you may increase it by as much as you want

How do I know if I am winning an auction?

If you are on the site where the auction is being held, simply refresh the page. If you are winning, your name and current bid will be displayed on top.

You will receive an email if you have been outbid on an item.

You will receive an email if you win the auction.

How do I pay after I win an auction?

If you win an auction you will get an email from the auction holder with payment instructions. Via PayPal – A link will appear in the email directing you to pay by PayPal

Shipping.  Some items have shipping charges and free pick up options.  you will buy the item including the shipping charges.  If you want to pick up the item email and make arrangements.  When you pick up the item you will be refunded the shipping charges.

All Bids are Binding

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